Please, allow me to introduce MySelf.

My Name is Jesper Udby, I’m an experienced JAVA developer, doing mostly J2EE stuff: JAVA coding, database design, integration and too much web…

I have an M.Sc.EE from the Technical University of Denmark.

I started my professional IT-career at IBM in 1994. I left IBM in 2001 to “try” the happy life as an independent contactor – just trying. I’m still working as a freelance consultant…

Now, java is not the only thing I’m doing. In my career I’ve programmed computers in REXX, C/C++, Basic/VisualBasic/VBA/LotusScript, SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, Pascal, Assembler (x86), PHP and a little Perl… Of course, DOS-batch programming and *nix shell-scripting are also worth mentioning.

And, I design fluently in CSS, HTML, XML and the like…

I’ve got a lovely wife and 3 gorgeous children (Pi, Frederik and Mie).

I was born in November 1968 in Denmark.

Other important stuff: I like live music, to drink lots of beers with good friends. I have a big ego and is known to be arrogant towards disrespectful people – I hate it when people do not respect me.

This is supposed to be my first entry on my personal blog. Take care. Pardon my English – but it’s not my native language.
Jesper Udby

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