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Locking a row, portable between databases, with JDBC

A couple of years ago I was with a project designing a system to manage Investor Meetings. An Investor must have a valid Pass in order to join a Meeting. Each Pass has a unique serial number. It was a … Continue reading

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Implementing a simple database semaphore

In this article I will describe a simple technique that enables you to implement an “exclusive lock” in a distributed, even clustered, environment. The technique works with all major databases, and should work with any database that has a reasonable … Continue reading

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Securing J[2]EE applications, part 2

The first part, Securing J[2]EE applications, part 1, discusses a simple setup where a single database table, 2 views and a correctly configured jdbcRealm could handle the most basic authentication and authorization requirements. This second article discusses a few enhancements … Continue reading

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Writing JDBC code: resource cleanup and exception handling

No matter how nice an ORM tool used in the project, CMP, Hibernate or JPA, You will eventually have to start writing “low-level” JDBC code. Most often for performance reasons, sometimes just to utilize some database-vendor-specific feature. Or calling stored … Continue reading

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The “changing the database” experience

I have been involved in Enterprise JAVA projects since 1998. Almost all projects have had an RDBMS “behind” it, mostly Oracle and DB2. All the projects have been some custom defined application often based on existing infrastructure, and the database … Continue reading

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