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Unit-testing time/timing dependent components

I’m often faced with developing components that are depending on time or timing, one way or the other. An example can be a query that returns all “active” rows, given current date/time and where the rows have effective and expiry … Continue reading

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Locking a row, portable between databases, with JDBC

A couple of years ago I was with a project designing a system to manage Investor Meetings. An Investor must have a valid Pass in order to join a Meeting. Each Pass has a unique serial number. It was a … Continue reading

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Implementing a simple database semaphore

In this article I will describe a simple technique that enables you to implement an “exclusive lock” in a distributed, even clustered, environment. The technique works with all major databases, and should work with any database that has a reasonable … Continue reading

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Securing J[2]EE applications, part 3

In this third article, the samples are modified to be run on JBoss (4.0.3+) and JavaDB (Derby version 10.2). The first article showed how to setup Glassfish authentication with only a single database table. The second article evovled the simple … Continue reading

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