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Salesforce wsc hacking: adding RequestTimedOutException

I have a number of situations where a RequestTimedOutException would be appropriate instead of just a ConnectionException when SoapConnection.send() encounters a SocketTimeoutException. This would ease retry implementations (related to timeouts) in that they would only have to consider a special … Continue reading

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Salesforce wsc hacking: removing compiler warnings

I hate compiler warnings. These little yellow warning signs in Eclipse annoys me. I will go far to avoid compiler warnings in my own code. But what about generated code? Actually generated code is the worst as it does not … Continue reading

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Unit-testing time/timing dependent components

I’m often faced with developing components that are depending on time or timing, one way or the other. An example can be a query that returns all “active” rows, given current date/time and where the rows have effective and expiry … Continue reading

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SimpleDateFormat instances are not thread-safe

It comes as a surprise to many developers that SimpleDateFormat instances are not thread-safe. Sometimes I encounter utility classes like below: public class DateUtil { public static final SimpleDateFormat ISO_DATE_FORMAT = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd"); public static final SimpleDateFormat SQL_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT = new … Continue reading

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Salesforce JAXB: Using wsimport to generate client artifacts

The Salesforce developer documentation provides JAVA examples based on WSC. WSC is a nice tool that makes interfacing to SFDC simple and easy, providing an EnterpriseConnection hiding all the details in calling SFDC. But, WSC might not be for you: … Continue reading

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Salesforce wsc: upsert null fields

  The salesforce upsert() callĀ  is brilliant for interfacing legacy systems with Salesforce, especially if the data you are going to replicate into already contains some sort of unique identification. It will create records that does not exist, and update … Continue reading

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Salesforce wsc: ConnectionException should have been Fault

This is the first article where I discuss details or issues using wsc (JAVA) on an Oracle WebLogic platform to integrate Customer Legacy systems with Salesforce CRM. In some environments (specifically the WLS 10.3.5 used as production environment at my … Continue reading

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usl4j – Ultra Simple Logging for JAVA

Back in the late 90’ties when I started programming JAVA there were no standard way of logging in JAVA programs. One usually just used System.out.println(), System.err.println() and Exception.printStacktrace(). Often applications would build homemade logging frameworks that would also log information … Continue reading

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Squareroot (sqrt) with BigDecimal

Recently I was refactoring some code from using double to using BigDecimal and suddenly needed a square root method. I remembered years ago I was taught a simple “successive approximation” method; believe it was grammar school. I searched the net … Continue reading

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Implementing a simple database semaphore

In this article I will describe a simple technique that enables you to implement an “exclusive lock” in a distributed, even clustered, environment. The technique works with all major databases, and should work with any database that has a reasonable … Continue reading

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