Handing over JAVA components to L3 support…

Java Specialist13:13


Udby, Jesper13:13


Java Specialist13:13

we are unable to build with existing set up

can you give us ear file to me

Udby, Jesper13:14

no, unfortunately not, I’m working from home today and do not have access to my dev env

Java Specialist13:14

i will put in weblogic server

Udby, Jesper13:14

I suggest you configure you’r maven setup to use the proper repo so you can build it. It has to be done anyways…

Java Specialist13:15

can you share your maven to me



Udby, Jesper13:15

no… its on m dev env too…

the settings.xml linked from the document i sent you contains information about the repo – you should be able to use that?

which weblogic server btw?

Java Specialist13:18

weblogic server 11gR1

Udby, Jesper13:18

you have a local setup?

Java Specialist13:18


Udby, Jesper13:18


you got a local db setup too?

Java Specialist13:19


Udby, Jesper13:20

yes, datasource. does it point to a local db or one of our dev environments?

Java Specialist13:20


Udby, Jesper13:21

do you have a local db?

Java Specialist13:21


Udby, Jesper13:21


how’s the schema setup?

Java Specialist13:21


Udby, Jesper13:21


Java Specialist13:21


Udby, Jesper13:22

ok, i rephrase: how are the users/schemas, tables, sequences etc setup?


Java Specialist13:22

i will give schema name

usern and password


Udby, Jesper13:23

i don’t know if you are aware of it, but “we” are using what is called “database migration” scripts to do the DDL

Java Specialist13:24

1 min

Udby, Jesper13:24

1 min what?

Java Specialist13:25


database migration is no there with me

Udby, Jesper13:27

well thats not important if you are able to setup the schema/users, tables etc yourself

I was just wondering where you got the details from

Java Specialist13:28

webservice setup document

Udby, Jesper13:29


Java Specialist13:31

Do you have this type of document with you_

Udby, Jesper13:32

nope, not here, might have it in the office…

Java Specialist13:32


is there anu body who will share information_

Udby, Jesper13:33

what information?

Java Specialist13:34

regadring configuartion of java compenent with oSB

Udby, Jesper13:34

what component and what kind of configuration?

Java Specialist13:36

two ear file ie two java componet and after that i will confuge jMS queue with SFDC 

and OSB

Udby, Jesper13:36

first, there are more than two components, you need to tell me which components you need information about

then I can tell you which datasouces and jms queues are necessary

but you can see that in the code, if you like?

take the xxx-feed-parser (from memory, you can see the proper name in the poms/mail/source etc)

Java Specialist13:38


Udby, Jesper13:38

it needs a jms queue, can’t remember the jndi name, but it’s in the annotation in the MDB

and it needs a datasource, can’t remember the jndi name, but its in the persistence.xml file

Java Specialist13:39

i have JMSQUEue is there with me

Udby, Jesper13:39


Java Specialist13:40

while i am doing yYYY project

Udby, Jesper13:40

ok, good, but its probably not the same queue:)

Java Specialist13:41


Udby, Jesper13:41

you can see the jndi name of the jms queue in the annotation in the mdb – message driven bean

Java Specialist13:44



i am opening weblogic server

Java Specialist13:53


Udby, Jesper13:54


Java Specialist13:55

i am able to jndi nameof the JMS queue

for YYYY

Udby, Jesper13:55


I wasn’t referring to the jndi name of the jms queue in yyyy

you do know what an annotation is, right?

Java Specialist14:00


Udby, Jesper14:00

ok, you are in trouble

do you know what a message driven bean is?

Java Specialist14:01


Udby, Jesper14:03


in the mdb (aka message driven bean) there is an annotation that tells it which jms queue it should connect to

i can’t remember the proper name of it, but somewhere in the xxx-feed-ejb (i think it is) there is the java source of a message driven bean – I even think it is called something like Xxx…Mdb or similar. In that source you can find the annotation containing the name of the jms queue

also, in that project, there is a persistence.xml – you do know what that is?

Java Specialist14:06

jesper please share me the ear file to deploy javacomponents in weblogic server

Udby, Jesper14:06

sorry, i cant

you should configure your maven to use the proper repo, then you can build it yourself

btw: there is more than one ear

one component = one ear


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