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Generating garbage…

At JCrete the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure to be socializing with, among others, HFT people like Peter Lawrey and Martin Thompson. Those HFT dudes really makes me thinking when I’m implementing stuff. Thinking about how much … Continue reading

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Bad sample code…

Okay, I just HATE bad code. I’m not religious about how you express your business logic in the code. I don’t mind “different” indentation or long methods although I try to keep my own code as short and simple as … Continue reading

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Handing over JAVA components to L3 support…

Java Specialist13:13 Hi Udby, Jesper13:13 Hi Java Specialist13:13 we are unable to build with existing set up can you give us ear file to me Udby, Jesper13:14 no, unfortunately not, I’m working from home today and do not have access … Continue reading

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