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Trying to eat less meat

Meat is a very important part of many peoples meals.
Perhaps we can do with less of it. Continue reading

Posted in Personal | Tagged | Leave a comment upgrade April 2024 So I have this “hobby site” called The main purpose is to expose free bankoplader for everybody to use, but there are also some (hidden) features only available to paying customers. The “backend” primarily serves PNG’s and PDF’s … Continue reading

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Salesforce wsc hacking: new committer

Ok, things change rapidly sometimes. The short story is that I wrote directly to the Owners of the WSC tool in order to get some information about when changes could be expected. The response was basically that they no longer … Continue reading

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Simple logarithm implementation in PIC assembler

Most natural observations are exponentational/logarithmic in nature. I often do simple hardware using Microchip PIC processors (usually 12F or 16F families). Hardware doing some business in the home. One such example is my Christmas-tree-lightning-controller. Basically it only turns my electric … Continue reading

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