Salesforce wsc hacking: new committer

Ok, things change rapidly sometimes.

The short story is that I wrote directly to the Owners of the WSC tool in order to get some information about when changes could be expected.

The response was basically that they no longer maintain the WSC tool and if I was interested I could become a committer. I was and now I am 🙂

Currently working on wsc-23 to be released soon – probably by the end of January 2013.

Contains most of the stuff already discussed here and probably some other enhancements regarding the wsdlc tool.

Update 2013-01-31: There appear to be some confusion about the proper version/codebase of the wsc tool. I will not make a new formal release until I get some definitive answers… We might need to fork 🙂

About Jesper Udby

I'm a freelance computer Geek living in Denmark with my wife and 3 kids. I've done professional software development since 1994 and JAVA development since 1998.
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